"..Development was painless and we have not seen any performance issues so far at all."

OpenVBX on AppFog

OpenVBX with Tropo support is a fork of OpenVBX (an open source cloud based phone system) built to support the Tropo in addition to Twilio.

The team took the Twilio-only OpenVBX version and updated to work with other phone cloud providers, including Tropo. Read the VoiceVault and Tropo in OpenVBX 2.0 article for details. They also have a brief article on How to build a Tropo App in the cloud for free in 5 minutes with AppFog.

What technologies did you use for the site?

“OpenVBX was developed using CodeIgniter and in the backend uses the PHP Fog MySQL database for its storage needs. OpenVBX is a cloud based Open Source Business Phone System and in this release was enhanced to now also support the Tropo API for SIP calls, Skype calls and Phono for browser to browser phone calls, as well as ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) and TTS (text to speech) in 24 languages. We also added access to the VoiceVault API for password resets using Voice Biometric Authentication.”

Why did you pick PHP Fog?

“We reviewed several other PHP Cloud offerings but the ease of use, scalability options and the great support we received from PHP Fog made it rise from the Cloud.”

How has PHP Fog worked out for you?

“So far PHP Fog has been great to work with, development was painless and we have not seen any performance issues so far at all.”

What’s the best part of using PHP Fog?

“We are software developers and not sys admins, using PHP Fog provides us the tools we need to do what we are good at and that is writing software not running from one server to the next trying to figure out what is going wrong.”

What would you like to see improved in PHP Fog?

“Most of the applications we write are built using the Yii framework and not CodeIgniter. Though it is really easy to deploy the Yii framework to PHP Fog, having Yii as a standard framework option would be helpful.”

About Michael Mackus, the developer

The latest enhancements to OpenVBX were developed by Michael Mackus of Disruptive Technologies (Twitter, Facebook). Michael is a young software developer, co-founder of Disruptive Technologies and lives and works in the sunny Temecula Valley in southern California.