"...We don’t have to worry about server side of things – security, disk space, scaling, version control, etc.
It’s all there and it saves us a lot of time in the long run."


There’s nothing more gratifying than knowing that your customers love your product. Well, maybe one thing—knowing that your offerings allow them to better serve their customers and to “scratch their own itch.” We took a moment to catch up with Kaspars Upmanis, Managing Director and Founder of Mosties!, about how they’re using PHP Fog to make their and their customers’ lives better.

AF: Hi, Kaspars. Tell me a bit about your design firm, Mosties!.

KP: “Mosties! is a digital production agency with offices in London & Riga, Latvia. Founded in February 2009, we supply the London advertising & public relations industries with all their digital needs, including e-commerce solutions and development of Facebook and mobile apps.”
“Currently, we are eight people working on a wide range of projects starting from simple WordPress themes up to complex, custom-built projects.”

AF: What led you to opening a design firm? Tell us about your team.

KP: “I came from Latvia to the UK to get a degree in e-commerce and eventually stayed there working as a digital project manager in an agency. The link with Latvia remained and, when I started getting more and more freelance web projects, I quit the agency and set up Mosties!.”

AF: Who are your customers? Why do they choose Mosties!?

KP: “We are working mainly with London-based marketing & PR agencies as their white-label digital partners. This allows us to focus on delivering projects rather than marketing and pitches. This strategy helped us to grow our agency by 50% last year with no outside funding.”

AF: Impressive growth! What are the challenges you face serving your customers needs?

KP: “Our challenge is maintaining two offices and communication between them. Skype is amazing, but I still have to travel back-and-forth quite often.”

AF: I know how that goes having worked in a number of distributed teams. Have you used PHP Fog for your clients? What are some examples?

“KP: We have used PHP Fog for a number of client websites and so far we are very happy.”
“We’ve been using PHP Fog since the earliest days and initially there were a number of issues, but the support team has been great with dealing with them. Lately, thought, everything has been running smoothly, which makes me very happy.”

AF: We love it when you’re happy. How does using PHP Fog help you solve your customers problems?

KP: “I wouldn’t say that it solves our customer problems. More that it helps us as an agency – we don’t have to worry about server side of things – security, disk space, scaling, version control, etc. It’s all there and it saves us a lot of time in the long run.”

AF: Tell us more about CakeHR. I really loved the story since it was your team scratching your own itch.

CakeHR is a simple HR software suite for managing employee information – personal time off, sick days, job contracts, etc.
“There was a point in mid 2011 when the team in the Riga office was expanding quite rapidly. I was in London and hadn’t even had a chance to get to know the surnames of some of my guys. Bad, I know…. Not to mention the paperwork mess, etc. This had to be sorted.”
“After a brief look around, I didn’t find anything suitable on the market so we set out to build our own internal app. Once it started taking a shape we made a decision to release it publicly using the SaaS model.”
“CakeHR is now out of beta and available for a 30 day free trial, so everyone is welcome to create a free account and have a play with it.”

AF: Fantastic. I hope our readers are able to take CakeHR for a test drive. How are you planning to use PHP Fog in the future?

KP: “One of the most important aspects of PHP Fog is scaling and we’re looking forward to use it in practice with CakeHR.”

AF: So what’s next for Mosties!?

“We’re looking in two different directions for 2012 – expand our list of partner agencies in London for digital projects and create a separate team dedicated to growing CakeHR into a successful online HR software.”

AF: Best of luck with your efforts! Anything else you’d like me and our readers to know?

KP: “Mosties! in Latvian means “Wake up!”. It’s a personal reference to the point in my life when I started the company and so far it’s been a great experience.”

AF: Sounds like an awesome entrepreneurial “ah ha!” moment. Thank you for your time and telling us more about Mosties! and CakeHR!