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AppFog, Inc. is the leading platform-as-a-service provider of PHP, Ruby, Node.js, and Java.
With over 100,000 applications and counting, AppFog delivers a reliable,
scalable and fast platform for deploying apps in the cloud.

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Our commitment

The virtuous cycle of passion and problem solving.

The Internet is one of the greatest inventions in human history.
We take inspiration and pride in the free, open, and
collaborative way people came together to lay the foundations
of the digital world.

Open source has long been a core driving force in the development community, with countless hours devoted to a common goal: to make things work better.

In pursuit of that goal, AppFog helped build Cloud Foundry from the ground up, contributing PHP support back to the platform and acting as a Community Lead.

Open source is our passion, and problem solving is the
heart of it.

We recognize the needs of our customers.

If we don’t solve their problems, we don’t survive. In any commercial endeavor, the most successful solutions combine expertise, service, creativity, and curation to add business value.

We are committed to contributing new and better open source code to Cloud Foundry. And as the IaaS ecosystem grows, we will strive to develop cutting-edge products from it, sharing back with the community to help them make beautiful things.

Our hope is that the interplay of passion and problem solving will benefit the world — from our customers to our larger global community — as we build upon the groundwork of open collaboration we hold dear and give back both code we’ve created and the knowledge gained going forward.

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